About Us

Check us out and get to know what we’re about! We’re a food concept focused on the retro 80’s,90’s, and 2000’s pop-culture. We want to bring an off the chain experience with amazing food that’ll have you laying in your bed with a food coma so strong that it would make even Rocky stay down for the count.

Our Mission

We’re looking to bring out the “Funky” personality of everyone we meet. Whether you love 80’s/90’s/00’s pop-culture, are a vintage/retro lover, or someone who grew up surrounded by the rad’ culture; we want to reach out through our unique culture and fill your stomachs with even tastier food. Thanks for reading, now let’s get back to eating!

Our Crew

Meet the brains, heart and soul of our operations! We’re a small family business who values the three “C’s”: Courtesy, Compassion, and Communication. We bring that all together with our love for cooking and the 80’s to give you the best thing since going digital!

Service Manager

Brandon Renteria

Brandon Renteria has managed multiple restaurants for over 4 years and consistently broke sales records all the while cultivating a fun and cooperative work environment for everyone. No matter what task is put ahead of him, he tackles it head on and finds a solution. If MacGyver worked in a food truck, there’s no doubt he’d be 6 feet tall with a full beard like him. However, until then we’ll settle for Brandon!
General Manager

Silvano Renteria

Silvano Renteria is the head of our company with over 35 years of experience in fine dining. He has been the executive chef at over 7 restaurants! His most notable restaurants are Tocaya Organica, Viejas Casino Cafe, Scalini in Del Mar, Grappa in San Marcos, Miller’s Field in Pacific Beach, and Prego in Rancho Mirage! He’s no stranger to thinking outside the box as he curates some of the most artisanal menu’s you’d see. A world with or without trying his cooking is like deciding between the red and blue pill. You don’t need Morpheus to help you make that choice!
Kitchen Manager

Felix Renteria

Felix Renteria: Felix Renteria is a powerhouse that understands one word and one word only: GO! He has over 40 years of experience operating in restaurants such as Aquarela, Tutto Mare and Trattoria Acqua in La Jolla, Prego, and Parma Italian Restaurant. He prides himself in his craft and you’d find none more willing to get the job done than him! The Rambo of the culinary industry, when it comes to a service he’s never out for the count. It’s not over until it’s over!


What’s the 411? Oh that’s right, you need to see for yourself before you can decide. You’ll see everything we are, and once you do, you’ll be coming back more often than the terminator comes back for a sequel!

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